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Do all the kingnature products come from Switzerland?

Yes,  kingnature products are all manufactured or, respectively processed in Switzerland. We are a Swiss firm who relies on its Swiss quality. However, some raw materials are imported from abroad, provided that there is no way to grow or get such resources with sufficient quality inland.

Are the raw materials of your products organic?

Our goal is to obtain 100% of the raw materials from bio-certified farms and, we are continuously putting effort into the process, so that our products, depending on the availability of their organic resources, can be converted substantively and procedurally into bio products. (Registration number 33745, organic-certification kingnature,  pdf).

Are your products encapsulated?

Yes. We have our own production facilities, where the raw materials are ground in the mill, then mixed in the right proportions, and eventually filled in capsules. Depending on the capacity, we occasionally let our partner firm encapsulates for us on a single charge.

Wo carries out the production controlls of kingnature?

kingnature AG (Registration number: 122073)  is mandated by the Cantonal Laboratory Zurich. The authority of Cantonal Laboratory Zurich checks the kingnature production facilities regularly and periodically, to make sure that we comply with the laws as well as the hygienic rules.

Wo is responsible for the product research?

Dr. med. Heinz Lüscher leads the science and research sector of kingnature. All formulas and recipes are researched, developed and tested by him. Dr. med. Heinz Lüscher practises in his own “Vitalstoffmedizin-Praxis”, ( aka “orthomolecular medicine office” ) he is also kingnature’s specialist and medical consulter.

May I contact kingnature?

Sure, of caurse! Please go to the contact page,  write a mail or just call us. We’ll try our best to get to you as soon as possible. If you have medical/medicinal questions or any specific questions about dosage recommandation, Dr. med. Heinz Lüscher is ready to help you out.

I’ve often read that the capsules made of beef gelatin have really bad qualities. So, what kind of capsules are you using?

Kingnature always pays great attention to the high quality of its entire production, including the capsules. That is why we exclusively only use vegi capsules out of HPMC, which is made of plant-based materials without gelling agent. These capsules are 100% organic.

How to obtain my products?

The easiest way is to order your products via our Online-Shop. We’d also love to take your orders by phone if you call: +27 (82)379 4987. Your products will be then shipped within the next 24 hours under normal circumstances.

How can I receive news from kingnature, and news from orthomolecular medicine respectively?

We deliever our Newsletters regularly. At the time of this writing, all the practical reports about our products and reports from the scientific field of vital substances are written in German. Nonethless, you can subscribe to our newsletters here.

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kingnature is bio-certified in accordance with swiss rules.

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