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Aronia Shot

Water-soluble Aronia Extract in Sticks
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What is Aronia?

The aronia plant is a small bush that grows up to 1–2 meters (4–7 feet), it flourishes well in moderate and northern climate and is extremely robust. The berries grow in umbels and look similar to blue elder.

Aronia-Shot – the water-soluble Extract

Each stick of Aronia-Shot contains 1g Aronia berry Extract made from Swiss Aronia berries and 80mg of Vitamin C. All of these are grown and produced in Switzerland. Aronia-Shot is ideal for active people to take in place of their conventional micro nutrients. It accelerates regeneration after intense sport activities.

Aronia contains OPC

All fruits and berries contain precious antioxidants which eliminate those extremely damaging free radicals in our body. Aronia berries (chokeberry, aronia melanocarpa) contain substantially more antioxidants than raspberries, cranberries and strawberries. It is so to say one of the healthiest fruits on the planet.

Where are the Aronia Berries in Aronia Shot come from?

All our berries grow in Switzerland, and the extract is also 100% made in Switzerland.

Aronia Shot contains highly concentrated Aronia berry Extract of the highest possible richness of its vital substances.

Other benefits of aronia extract:

- scientifically excellent documented
- unknown side effects
- completely made in Switzerland

Please don't confuse our extract with those grinded aronia marc which contains much fewer active agents and is therefore much cheaper.

Studies and scientific articles about Aronia


1 stick per day and dissolve it in a glass of water or in your sports drinks. (drink before or after a sport activity)

The Product Aronia Shot

Each carton pack—net weight 30 gram—contains 30 sticks of Aronia Shot. Each stick contains 1 gram of Aronia-Extract and 80 mg Vitamin C.
Also available at your pharmacy or chemist's shop.

Aronia Shots contribute with their ingredient Vitamin C

  • to protect the cells against oxidative stress,
  • to a normal function of the immune and the nervous system,
  • help to reduce tiredness and fatigue and
  • increase iron absorption.

Food supplements are not a replacement for a balanced healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

Allergy information: Aronia Shot

Aronia Shot is lactose-free Aronia Shot is gluten-free Aronia Shot is soy-free Aronia Shot is nut-free    
lactose-free gluten-free  soy-free nut-free    
Aronia Shot is vegan Aronia Shot is GMO-free Aronia Shot contains no egg Aronia Shot is koscher Aronia Shot is halal Aronia Shot is yeast-free
 vegan  GMO-free  No egg  kosher  halal  yeast-free


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