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Healing ulcerative colitis ulcerosa

6. November 2014 I published an article - Ulcerative ulcerosa treated naturally, since that date I have been healed.

Healing needs to happen on many different levels. Diet and nutrition play a vital part in this regard. I propose that Kurkuma Vida should be your first choice, if you suffer from Ulcerative ulcerosa. I also recommend taking Moringa Vida in addition to Kurkuma Vida. I have also changed my diet to be more Vegan so as to change my bodies ph to be more alkaline. It is also important to consider Minerals, as the human body has many electrical properties which can be measured, namely Brain current(EEG), heart current (ECG), muscle current (EMG) and current on the skin(EDA), and these measurements assist in a diagnosis and/or health check-ups. If these bio-electrical impluses are out of balance, illness is not far off according to Prof. Dr. med. Karl Hecht.

I used to be a good athlete, competing in the junior Swiss Championships in the 800m discipline. Currently I undertake a 50 minute run 3 times per week. My strength has returned and my speed is back to normal. At my work at the university all is going well again and I am happy to report that my struggle with Ulcerative ulcerosa is a thing of the past. 

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Ulcerative colitis ulcerosa treated naturally

In April 2014, I was admitted to a clinic for the first time, suffering from diarrhoea and diagnosed with ulcerative colitis ulcerosa. I subsequently spent another 3 months in various clinics until even 60 mg daily of Prednison could not reduce the inflammation. Obviously, I had to find a new solution, especially as the drugs from the pharmaceutical companies did not remedy my ulcerative colitis ulcerosa. I have decided to take for Toxaprevent Pure, Kurkuma Vida and Aronia Vida. My health has continuously improved and to date I am much better.

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