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Molluscum contagiosum Warts and Eczema treatment


Our daughter, of kindergarten age, has been suffering from Eczema for about 2 years. We have tried a variety of different creams, but nothing has really helped. Sure, the cortisone cream prescribed by the paediatrician has only allowed her skin problems to disappear, but only for as long as we used the cream. In addition to this, a bout of Molluscum Warts also reared it's ugly head...... Then, in July I learned about kingnature and I came across the Artemisia cream and the Emu oil. As the products are produced naturally, we have decided to give them a try. The expert advice we got, assured us that the Molluscum Warts should disappear in about 2 weeks. I was rather sceptical - we had already tried a number of creams etc. Yet, as advised, her red, irritated skin, which looked like a skin wound covered in warts, calmed down quickly and now looks wonderfully clean and healed. The itching is gone. It is just wonderful! From time to time, I now also use Artemisia Cream as night cream - it quickly heals impurities of the skin. Thank you very much, kingnature !!!

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Relief from Neurodermitis (Lichen simplex chronicus)

I have suffered with neurodermitis for over 25 years, and this year I am now on my second cortisone treatment, as my eczema has spread and I cannot control / stop it's spread with all the cortisone ointments I possess. Even a part of my face is now affected and this is very unpleasant in the public, as it is very obvious and visible to all. Shortly after this treatment all my symptoms returned and I had to apply cortisone cream in ever increasing dosages. I noticed that even my dermatologist was now at the end of his rope regarding my condition. In addition to this, I also wake up every morning with a blocked nose and sneezing fits which calm down as the day progresses. 

A friend recommended I apply Artemisia Cream, which I subsequently ordered, in addition I also ordered Aronia Vida and Aronia Hand Cream. I have now been taking 3 capsules of Aronia daily for about a week and use the creams regularly. I am happy to report that I have almost completely healthy skin, no new areas of eczema and a 'new body' feeling with no itches or scratches! It is clearly healing since I am taking the Aronia capsules and my constant sneezing and running nose is also gone! I feel comfortable in my skin. This is real quality of life!

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Seit meiner Kindheit treten bei mir Ekzeme an Händen auf - vor allem während der kalten Jahreszeit. Ich hatte immer cortisonhaltig
Wednesday, 24 December 2014 11:11 AM
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