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Coffea Vida

Encapsulated Green Coffee bean Extract
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What Substances does Coffea Vida Contain?

Coffea Vida contains carefully produced extract out of pure, unadulterated green coffee bean, as well as brown algae powder and L-Carnitine. Coffea Vida doesn’t contain any Caffeine, Cafestol or Kahweol.

What is Green Coffee Bean?

The term “green coffee bean” refers to coffee beans before getting roasted. In this stage, coffee beans still contain their highly concentrated chlorogenic acid, most of which get totally destroyed during the heating process for the aromatically roasted coffee we usually drink.

What is Chlorogenic Acid?

Chlorogenic acid is a natural compound can be found in many plants. It is one of the major phenols found in green coffee bean extract. Chlorogenic acid is also known as an antioxidant and an important biosynthetic intermediate. Our Coffea Vida is made of unroasted coffee—extract of green coffee beans. Each Coffea Vida capsule contains approx. 100mg of chlorogenic acid.

Studies on Green Coffee Extract and Chlorogenic Acid

Study - Chlorogenic Acid - Dr. med. Alexander Michalzik

Study - Chlorogenic Acid- Journal of International Medical Research

Chlorogenic Acid and Green Coffee Extract in the Media

Blick - Green Coffee Bean Extract

What differentiates Coffea Vida from other Green Coffee Extract Products?

  • Coffea Vida Capsules contain NO Caffeine
  • Coffea Vida Capsules contain NO Cafestol and NO Kahweol
  • Coffea Vida Capsules contain additional brown algae powder
  • Coffea Vida Capsules contain additional L-Carnitine, which optimises the burning of fat in the Mitochondria
  • Coffea Vida Capsules contain SVETOL. This is made with the Coffee Bean Robusta Canephora Pierre as this bean contains less harmful molecules.

Product Information of kingnature's Coffea Vida

One pack—weight net 35 gram—contains 60 capsules, each of these herbal capsules contains 200mg of Svetol (green coffee extract), 200mg Brown Algae Powder and 90mg L-Carnitine.

We only use veggie capsules—capsule shell is made out of plant-derived HPMC without gelling agent.

Recommended Dosage

Two capsules of Coffea Vida per day. This will provide the body equivalent amount of active substance to that of 3–6 cups of coffee, but without caffeine or any potentially harmful substances come along with coffee-drinking. One pack of 60 capsules suffices for a cure of one Month.

Food supplements are not a replacement for a balanced healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. The raw materials are micronized during the mixing process, i.e. they are crushed to a particle size of approximately 60 microns, without being heated.

Allergy information: Coffea Vida

Coffea Vida is lactose-free Coffea Vida is gluten-free Coffea Vida is soy-free Coffea Vida is nut-free    
lactose-free gluten-free  soy-free nut-free    
Coffea Vida is vegan Coffea Vida is GMO-free Coffea Vida contains no egg Salvestrol Vida 2000 ist koscher Coffea Vida is halal Coffea Vida is yeast-free
 vegan  GMO-free  No egg  kosher  halal  yeast-free


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