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Fungal Protection Cream

Fungus Barrier Cream with artemisia | cinnamon | habanero

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What is the use of Antifungal Barrier Cream?

Antifungal barrier cream protects and nurses your skin. This preparation makes colonisation of dermatophytes on the skin very difficult thanks to its effective and successfully tested formula—a result of many years of scientific researching.

What ingredients are included in this Cream?

Anti fungal Barrier Cream contains three different herbal extracts:

  1. artemisia annua extract: also known as wormwood, artemisia is a annual plant which grows into a human-sized bush in summer and thrives in our temperate climate. We only pick its leaf tips, which contains 245 proven phytochemical, including artemisinin. For Antifungal Barrier Cream we use a highly concentrated extract obtained from these leaf tips, which maintains all the active substances of artemisia annua.
  2. cinnamon extract: whose protecting and caring properties are well recognised.
  3. habanero extract: habanero is one of the hottest chili species in the world, its heat level makes it rarely used in Switzerland. Yet habanero pods provide highly appreciated, natural capsaicin. We grow, handpick and process our habanero chili exclusively in Switzerland.

How is Antifungal Barrier Cream produced?

In Switzerland, we harvest the leaves of artemisia annua and the habanero chili pods by hand. Afterwards the valuable active substances will be detached from plants through an extract-based process and reutilised in our final production—Antifungal Barrier Cream.

What else can be found in the Cream?

a special formulation. This Add-ins of Aloe Vera Gel is a quickly penetrating cream devoid of Aloin—a toxicant found in external side of the Aloe Vera leaves. A minimum amount of Vitamin E added in the cream has the function of preservation.

Content Information

One dispenser (airless dispenser system) contains 30 ml antifungal barrier cream out of following ingredients: Aloe Vera Gel (barbadensis miller), Artemisia Extract, Cinnamon Extract and Habanero Chili Extract.


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