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Salvestrol Vida 350

Phytoalexins from natural sources

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Salvestrol is a fruit complex rich in special plant substances—also wildly known as natural, dietary phythochemicals. These so-called phytoalexins are antigens produced by plants themselves, acting against bacteria and viruses, fungal infections, UV light and insects. Whereas naturally grown plants contain significant amounts of phytoalexins due to constant launching of resistance against inevitable pathogen attacks, conventionally grown vegetables and fruits—sprayed with fungicides and other pesticides—produce only few phytoalexins when this self-defence mechanism becomes unnecessary. Salvestrol 350 contains phytoalexins from bitter orange, grapes, blueberries and blackberries.

Salvestrole as a Nutritional Supplement

Salvestrole in a concentrated form is available as a nutritional supplement, which have positive effects in humans in terms of disease prevention and medical treatment. Scientific case studies have shown that many patients have experienced remarkable recoveries by consuming Salvestrole during their healing processes.

Studies to Salvestrols

Link Foundation Orthoknowledge
Salvestrol und CYP1B1 - Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine Vol 27, No 3, 2012

Content of Salvestrol Vida 350

Container with 60 Fruit Complex Capsules
Capsules contain a Fruit and Berry power mix (36%)
Ingredients: Starch, Capsule (Hydroxypropyl- methylcellulose), Orange peel extract, grape power, blueberry power and  blackberry powder.
Contain net 36g
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Allergy information: Salvestrol Vida 350

Salvestrol Vida 350 is lactose-free Salvestrol Vida 350 is gluten-free Salvestrol Vida 350 is soy-free Salvestrol Vida 350 is nut-free    
lactose-free gluten-free soy-free nut-free    
Salvestrol Vida 350 is vegan Salvestrol Vida 350 is GMO-free Salvestrol Vida 350 contains no egg Salvestrol Vida 350 is koscher Salvestrol Vida 350 is halal Salvestrol Vida 350 is yeast-free
vegan GMO-free No egg kosher halal yeast-free


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