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Nurse your Skin: Artemisia Creme

30 ml Creme with Aloe Vera Gel, Artemisia-Extract and Frankincense. Nothing else.

Does assist in skin irritation or skin problems such as acne.

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100% Natural

50 ml pure Emu Oil comes from an organic farm in Canada.

Maintains a hydrated, healthy and resilient skin

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Your Partner for Vital Substances and Dietary Supplements

kingnature develops, produces and distributes high-quality dietary supplements, functional food products and cosmetics. You can obtain our products from the kingnature webshop online. Some highlights of our products are:

  • Aronia Vida, a highly concentrated extract of the aronia berries. In comparison with other fruits, aronia berries contain a remarkable high amount of OPC as well as other polyphenols.
  • Kurkuma Vida, encapsulated turmeric with black pepper and green-tea-extract in perfect combination.
  • Moringa Vida, made of moringa leaves and green-tea-extract. Moringa leaves comprise a large number of essential micronutrients.
  • Caye Vida, with cayenne pepper and green-tea-extract. Cayenne pepper contains, amongst other nutrients, high amounts of capsaicin.
  • Coffea Vida, composed of Svetol—proprietary standardised extract of green coffee beans—rich in chlorogenic acid.
  • Q10 Vida, contains lipid-based Coenzyme Q10. This property of fat-solubility leads to a better absorption in the body.

Nature has the answer

kingnature aspires to promoting and supporting your health in a natural manner. In creation and nature you will find a large variety of plants, whose components and substances possess the properties to serve pursuing and maintaining one’s good health. We develop and create these ingredients into dietary supplements and functional food products, and we strive to make our products with excellent sensory qualities accessible to any of you. Many feed-backs to our products from our discerning customers are indeed encouraging.

Quality all along the line

Quality is of foremost importance by kingnature. To achieve this cardinal mission, we apply the strictest possible standards to our products and the raw materials composing them. We select rigorously the raw materials composing our products and take great care of the production-processing from end to end. We ensure a natural cultivation of the vegetable raw materials; check and test the purity and safety of each raw material delivery; and apply gentle, yet the most advanced technology to further manufacture our products. Kingnature is a swiss firm with its own production facilities in Switzerland and is bio-certified.

What can we do for you?

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kingnature is bio-certified in accordance with swiss rules.

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